Welcome to Charlie's Nature!

Bev and I hope you enjoy your visit to this website, and that you will come back often to see the ever-changing images that we place here.

I recall an old hymn from my childhood that includes the phrase "where He leads me, I will follow." That is a phrase I am trying to follow as I walk daily through life with my Heavenly Father. As I take this walk, I often feel compelled to take pictures of the sights I find along this journey. Most of the time these are just pictures, snapshots in time. At times, however, some of these pictures seem to have a larger appeal, at least to me. They may actually be real photographs. As I identify these special pictures, I will post them here for you to view and judge. Please feel free to comment on these pictures in any way you would like. I am a scientist, not a professional photographer, and I look forward to your comments to help me learn and improve. Most of all, however, I hope you enjoy these markers along the road of my adventure of life. Thank you for coming!

Charles W. Miller